Prince George Speech Arts and Drama Festival 2024

Daily Summary

(programs available for purchase at festival ($5)

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Morning Session 9AM – Weldwood Theatre

Narrative Poetry 8-12yrs

Lyric Poetry10 yrs

Canadian Poetry 10-12yrs

Narrative Poetry 17U

Afternoon Session 1PM-Weldwood Theatre

Lyric Poetry 11-12Yrs

Prose 7yrs

Original Works 10yrs

Shakespeare Duo 17yrs

Evening Session 6:30PM Weldwood Thratre

Shakespeare Solo, 10-11yrs

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Morning Session 9AM -Weldwood Theatre

Lollipop League, 6 years and under




Poem for Three Voices


Poems for 2-4 Voices, 8-11yrs

Poems for Two Voices 13 yrs

Poems for 2-4 Voices 19U

Afternoon Session 1PM, Weldwood Theatre

Prose 8yrs

Sacred Reading 8-11yrs

Monday April 22, 2024

Morning Session-9AM  Weldwood Theatre

Humorous Poetry 7-10yrs

Dramatic Poetry 11U

I Like This Poem 8yrs

Afternoon Session 1PM

Prose 9,10yrs

I Like This Poem 10-11yrs

Dramatic Scene (Solo) 12U

Evening Session 6:30PM Weldwood Theatre

Dramatic Scene (Solo) 9-13yrs

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Morning Session 9AM-WeldwoodTheatre

Thespys 12-17yrs

Story Reading 9-17yrs

I Like This Poem 13, 14yrs

Canadian Poetry 9yrs

Dramatic Duologue 9yrs

Afternoon Session 1PM-Weldwood Theatre

Prose 11, 14yrs

Public Speaking 10yrs

Intermediate Public Speaking and Storytelling-Provincial Class

Shakespeare (Solo) 12,13yrs

Canadian Poetry 13, 17yrs

Humorous Poetry 11, 12yrs

Evening Session 6:30PM Weldwood Theatre

Lyric Poetry 13-15yrs

Canfor Theatre: 7:30PM

Dramtic Scene Groups

Wednesday April 24, 2024

  1. Morning Session 9AM

    Canfor Theatre

    Choral Speaking Gr 3- 5

    Poems for 2-4 Voices Gr 4-7

    Lyric Poetry 19+

    Choral Speaking Gr 1, 6/7

    Choric Drama Group K, Gr 5

  2. Morning Session 9AM

Weldwood Theatre

Provincials Class-Junior

Afternoon Session 1PM-Weldwood Theatre

Provincial Class-Junior Adjudication

Lyric Poetry 7yrs

Lyric Poetry 8 and 9 yrs

Sonnet/Sonnet Sequence 14U, 16yrs

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Morning Session 9AM-Canfor Theatre

Prose 10Yrs

Canadian Poetry 10yrs

Humorous Poetry 10yrs

I Like This Poem 12 yrs

Original Works 10yrs

Poems for 2-4 Voices 11U

Dramatic Scene Group Gr 7

Choral Speaking Gr 4/5

Choric Drama Group Gr 1, 6/7,

Afternoon Session 1PM Weldwood Theatre

Provincial Class-Intermediate

Provincial Class Senior Solo

Evening Session 6:30 Canfor Theatre

Shakespeare Groups

Friday, April 26th 2024

Morning Session 9AM-Weldwood Theatre

Sight Reading 9-17yrs

Humorous Poetry 8yrs

Afternoon Session 1PM- Weldwood Theatre

Canadian Poetry 8yrs

Story Telling 9-16yrs

Solo Mime 7-12yrs

Additional Pieces