Speech Arts Scholarships & Awards


Prince George Speech Arts and Drama Festival


Festival Society $350 Scholarship


¨The applicant must be graduating from Grade 12, or turning 18 years old in the year applied.

¨The applicant will have participated in The Prince George Speech Arts & Drama Festival for a minimum of 3 years (non-consecutive years is acceptable)

The Applicant will submit a copy of this Application Form and engaging video answering the following questions to the Prince George Speech Arts & Drama Festival Society’s Board of Directors to pg.speech.arts.drama@gmail.com by April 30, 2023.



Mailing Address:________________________________________________________

Phone #:______________________

Email Address:___________________________________________________

Parental Consent (for video submission)

Parents Name:                                                                                                     

Signature:  :_________________________________________________



1. How long have you participated in Speech Arts & Drama? How did you get started?

2. How has Speech Arts & Drama impacted your life?

3. What has made you want to continue in Speech Arts & Drama?

4. In what way(s), has your Speech Arts & Drama experience helped you serve the community at large?

5. Tell us your BEST story related to Speech Arts & Drama.

6. In your future endeavours, how will the lessons you have learned in Speech Arts will benefit you?

7. Have you taken any RCM Practical or Theory Exams? If yes, what Levels have you achieved?



The Scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of the Prince George Speech Arts & Drama Festival Society’s current Board of Directors (Board members related to a potential Scholarship Applicant will not be involved in any part of the Scholarship recipient selection process).